dealswestern digital wd velociraptor wd5000hhtz 500gb…


$80 instead of $120 (best price on froogle).... not half off, but very good.

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@psaux: $169.00 earlier today at Newegg.... just over half off. :)


These WD Raptor drives are fast and stable so they are nice to have in your system. I had these in most of my machines but replaced them this year with SSD drives in all but my mostly used computer. Even with falling prices on the SSD drives, I would still recommend these to most users as SSD drives do tend to fail or need to have the OS reinstalled over time. With me and my um-teen computers I still use the Raptor drives in my main computer that has all my software in it so I don't have to reinstall them again and set the configurations for my applications.


Looks like they are sold out!