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These are really excellent headphones! They are frequently used to monitor field recording for movie and video soundtracks.

The response is flatter than the popular Sony MDR- and 7506 phones.

They are closed-back, with better isolation than many phones including the above Sonys.

They are circumnaural (around the ear) phones, very comfortable because they sit on your head, and not on your ears.

I've seen these typically between $85 and $100, this is an excellent price.

Believe me, if I didn't have a set already, I would buy these in a flash. (And I started working in radio engineering over 40 years ago, so I really know what's good.)




Of course all closed-back phones require a certain amount of pressure to get a good seal and keep out the ambient noise. That's a given if you want good acoustic isolation.

However, these are a lot more comfortable than the older Koss Pro4 phones, or the Koss electrostatics.

And, as I said, these are more comfortable than the Sony MDR- series, because the Sonys sit on your ears and squash your ears, whereas these Sennheisers fit around your ears and press only on your skull.

I typically wear my HD280s for several hours at a time while editing or just listening, and I find them to be very comfortable... even given that I wear glasses, which can cause a problem with other phones. Professional soundmen would not wear these day after day, unless they were comfortable.


Great for recording, was thinking about these, but always went with cheaper ones. I might buy two, now, since they're basically half off.


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