deals180 shoot n c targets for $27.39 + free shipping


Seems like a good deal, but I wish they were a little more clear on sizes included. The title obviously says 3" target, but the picture shows a couple different ones. And I'm sure those black circles in the corners count towards the 180...just fyi.


@firebirdude: Eh, no.
The targets are 3". Make a 3" something circle, put it on a wall, and back up 300 feet to simulate a 100 yard target. I hope you got a good scope.
That's why they are so cheap. You really want something like this, go for the 5" ones, or bigger. THAT said, you could use these to patch up the 5" or bigger ones. For the price, that's not too bad a use.
Those little black circles are "pasters". Little stickies to black out the holes after you shoot up the target.