dealssandisk cruzer switch 32gb usb flash drive for…


Also available as a 16GB for $7.99 and a 8GB for $5.99


FWIW: Got one of these the last time they were on sale. Works perfectly well for what I wanted (spare drive for car stereo).


The USB male part that you plug into the computer is a continuation of the plastic body of the drive. Thin, flimsy plastic. I am being extra careful with this one,as opposed to all the other drives that I have with metal connectors. I really don't expect this one to last very long. Unless you plan to plug in and never move, I would recommend against.

Going to second @firebirdude: that one has a metal plug.


I got one of these last time, and it works great except it doesn't work 100% as a memory unit for Xbox. It gives you a performance warning message.


@miggity: thx for the info, I was about to buy it for that purpose.


back up to regular price. Deal over