dealsfuego portable gas grill for $89.99 + $5.00…


little bbqs like this really get the job done, I had a similar one that lived in the back of my pickup for years


Woot sells propane and propane accessories now.

Based in Texas....



For those who are contemplating this - it really is a great little BBQ. If you spend the time taking care of it, this will last for many years and give great service, and will be a bargain at the roughly $94 shipped price.

For the rest of us, who think that cleaning a BBQ is something only to do after losing a bet with the wife, and maybe after a month of nagging, your money would be better spent with something more disposable.

For me, I take two butane stoves and a cheapie charcoal BBQ with me when I go out - the two stoves are blazing hot for preparing everything from the potatoes for salad to a giant vat of boiling water for corn on the cob (not to mention the stoves can fit IN the pot for transport to and from...) I'd not spend more than maybe $30 for a portable BBQ, and honestly, I'd have to think twice about that.


4 star reviews on Amazon, and it's nearly twice the price there.

HOWEVER, even though I need something like this, I will pass, because of several 1 star reviews that criticized the quality and apparantly the real portability is poor because of grease leaking after use.

So if you really like this be sure to read ALL the amazon reviews first.


This may be a great deal comparatively and well reviewed but you can get an excellent Coleman propane grill for less than half the price at your local brick and mortar Walmart. Pass.


Bought one of these last time around to replace the cheap grill I've been using for camping. It might be on the expensive side, but worth it for the cast iron surface, decent grease management, and sturdy legs. The cheap grills I've used over the years could not be easily cleaned, had poor or no grease drain, legs would fall over randomly, and heated unevenly even with lava rocks.


Derrick Riches from rates this as the 2nd best portable grill on the market....


I'm very tempted. I want to buy it just so I can point at it and yell, "EL FUEGO!!"


For crying out loud, get the Weber "Go Anywhere" travel grill, way cheaper, and is built rock solid - 30 bucks cheaper, and carries a weber warranty, and has readily available replacement parts. You can store your tools under the hood too. The only thing this grill has going for it is that it looks cool.


I don't think Derrich Riches rated this grill as the "2nd best portable grill on the market." He only included this grill as one of ten grills included in a top ten list.


100 bucks for a little portable grill is waaaaay too much; I don't care what features it has,
in the end - it's just a little grill.