dealsbioshock triple pack (steam) for $19.99 + freeā€¦


No one upvotes good deals anymore!


@gideonfrost: I do too. Just didn't get here earlier.


Sick deal. If I already didn't have 1 & 2, I'd be all over this.


Just bought it. Thanks a lot okham.

You're making an unemployed man spend some of his money.


Okay, I'm trusting you. I just bought it. One of my kids should like it, right?


Shame that this deal goes on sale now...I acquired Infinite about 3 weeks ago from Greenman Gaming while it was only $16, and then Bioshock + Bioshock 2 from Amazon about a week ago when they were $5 for the pair. $21 total, which I thought was the best deal possible until I learned about this >_< .

I haven't yet played Bioshock or Bioshock 2, but Infinite in and of itself is worth every penny. The world they created is amazing, the storyline is unique (and really throws you for a loop, especially towards the end), the characters are awesome, and the gameplay is extremely interesting. At this point I just want the Season Pass (waiting for it to go on sale like the cheapskate I am) because, though the first DLC was very weak, the second two are slated to add a new storyline to the game that goes back to Rapture (the world of Bioshock and Bioshock 2) with the characters from Infinite.


Who's the one asshat who downvoted this?


For anyone who has purchased this, are codes delivered individually or are you given one code to activate via Steam? I already have BioShock 1 and 2, but I'll buy the pack for Infinite and gift away the extras of 1 and 2 if the former is the case.


@papamidnight: my understanding from the amazon comments are that they are individual codes.


@cowboydann: glad to help. Any luck finding employment?

@justagigilo85: that's mr. @asshat to you.

@pitamuffin: forget them. Get it for yourself. :)


@okham: @skippyKJ has been the most wonderful friend helping me get everything lined up. I like to think I'll be starting employment with the company my first month of getting to WA.

It's funny, since california is so shitty with taxes i'll be starting for about 2.25 less an hour, but it's really only gonna affect me by ~100-150 a month. I wish I made the move years ago! Thanks for checking in.


@papamidnight: I would be very careful doing this. I'm guessing it's just one code, but I could be wrong. Also, Steam is very restrictive on giving away duplicate games, and only allows you to give away the code on duplicates for a small handful of games (the exact list is buried on their website somewhere).

I already own Tomb Raider, for example, and was going to buy the 10 game Tomb Raider package during Steam's last sale. When I tried to check out, I got an alert that the duplicate copy of Tomb Raider was non-transferrable. Basically, I would just be paying twice for the same game.


@trevornt: If you liked Infinite, you will love Bioshock 1, which I thought was magnitudes better than Infinite (and I liked Infinite). Bioshock 2 is excellent as well, though similar to #1.

Also, the DLC for #2 (Minerva's Den) is well worth it as well.


I found the deal through another site.

I just wanted to add that the deal is solid.
You get three separate keys (you can find them in either my amazon account or through my email)

Well worth the price.


@gideonfrost: so, I just checked, and this is now the highest voted deal of the week, and second for the month. It really picked up steam...


just bought it... finally took the plunge


I just want to say I tipped it to 100. As Walter Brennan would say "No brag, just fact."


Awesome deal! Also, you can purchase Bioshock 1 and 2 for only $4.99 if you do not want infinite. I have been looking for a reason to finally play Bioshock 1.