dealsqueen's "greatest hits" mp3 full album for $3.99


Not bad, but Bohemian Rhapsody is NOT on there.


@the4man: because it was sung by Styx, not Queen. Blerg.....


@hrweaver: This is the more complete album, and for the same $3.99 it gives you...

1. Bohemian Rhapsody
14. Flash
18. I'm In Love With My Car
19. Under Pressure (Live)
20. Tie Your Mother Down (Live)

The listed one has these, so just buy them ala carte for .99 each:

13. Body Language
17. I Want To Break Free


Elton John's # 1's same price $3.99


@ontheborder77: I could have sworn that the "Greatest Hits" CD I bought years ago, the first one released in 1995, started off with BR. This one has "Body Language" instead. But with a little checking, BR was on the "Classic Queen" album, most of which later became "Greatest Hits II." When the two were combined into "Greatest Hits I & II," the order was redone so that BR was the first track on the first CD.

No Queen collection can be complete without BR. Personally I recommend the Platinum Collection.