dealsfake parking tickets (5-pack) for $3.99


Classism in the description, nice.


This is just wrong. In for 2.


Ordered two t shirts from this site last november to give as christmas gifts. Finally got someone to respond to my emails in the beginning of january. They informed me that the shirts were out of stock. Took me another month to get my refund. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!


Heard nothing but bad news about this website


@fiercemelon12: We truly care about our customers and are working extremely hard to let it be known, so please let us know how you feel and we will listen. This forum has helped us tremendously in finding out what is important to our customers other than a quick delivery of their item, and we are glad that you are here to let us know what we need to do. Please email us at or by calling us at our main phone number listed on the top of our website and we will resolve ALL issues, if any, right away.

Best Regards,


@dillyeo, I ordered some earmuffs from them last year. While they did arrive on time, they were of exceptionally poor quality. I don't think that this item would have a quality problem, but I will be much more cautious in my next order with them.


I could make something a lot better on my computer in about 5 minutes.


It took me a phone call and multiple e-mails before I ever got a response. When I did I got that same canned BS response. I told the Customer Service Representative/Part Owner that I would never shop at his site again. He told me he was sorry that I felt that way and hit me with another load of customer service righteousness. As I'm sure you all can tell I, it was an extremely frustrating experience as I ended up purchasing the same shirts from other sites, and giving my friends their Christmas gifts in mid January.

I was never offered any sort of future discounts or anything of the nature as an apology for their poor business practice. Once again, despite what they say, I would strongly recommend everyone stays away.


Pictures of the item are so small you can't read them.


@wdaczar: That's so you don't go and just print the same ones at home or work for only the cost of supplies.

Besides, the whole concept of these is stupid.


Does anybody know of fake parking tickets that have that hard to remove glue?


The descriptions on the Dillyeo site are occasionally... erroneous. And by that, I mean blatantly false (laser output power being one of the culprits). I don't think it's necessarily Dillyeo's fault, as they just get their descriptions from whatever cheap suppliers their stuff comes from. That said, I've never ordered an item from them that didn't arrive... eventually. Sometimes MONTHS later. Meanwhile, their customer service leaves a GREAT deal to be desired. They ignore emails blatantly, and will happily give runaround responses.

If you're after something cheap, and you can wait a long time for it to arrive, you're probably okay. If you need something soon, need to be absolutely sure the specs are what they say they are, or expect responsive customer service, you're probably going to just be woefully frustrated ordering from this place. Save yourself some heartburn and skip it.


$3.82 + $1.99 shipping for what looks like exactly the same thing at amazon:

Since dillyeo is charging shipping too I guess you can save $0.17 by ordering from Amazon.


Unfortunately I also ordered from this site around Thanksgiving and when the items never came, got a refund 2 days after Christmas.