dealsocz vertex 3 120gb sata 6gb/s vtx3-25sat3-120g 2…


Do a little web research on the endless issues OCZ has with their SSDs, or read the Newegg reviews of any product OCZ makes. Lots of problems.

Then buy either Samsung or Intel, neither of which uses the wildly buggy Sandforce controller chipset.

Additionally, OCZ write specs are based on highly compressible material. They neglect to mention this anywhere. If you work with video files (which are already compressed), you will get HALF the claimed write rate, unlike Samsung and Intel.


I've had nothing but good luck with Crucial drives. Skip the OCZ and wait for the M4 series to go on sale again.


My vertex 3 has been running strong for over 6 months now without issues. Firmware 2.15 solved whatever issues they were having. Read and Write speeds absolutely hit 550/mb benched via ATTO. Crucial's drive (GT force 3?) only hits about 280mb write when I benched my friend's.

This isn't that great of a price though.


@bhazard451: I agree, its not the same as free, but for 20 bucks off, free shipping it's a solid deal. I cant find anything cheaper for this product online at the moment.


@blue11: I agree Sandforce has a reputation, however there are updates to much of the firmware that has been causing the issues. As far as I've read, there really ISN'T issues anymore. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of good news to catch up to a little bad news when it comes to reputation. All the latest reviews is that this is up to date.

The only thing that would concern me is how it needs to be upgraded. Some SSD's aren't just plug and play and forget it as other hardware may be. IF there are any future updates, certain level of comfort w/ a computer is required... aka don't get something like this for your grandma, albeit she doesn't have a lot of time left to kill waiting for a load screen, she's already 90 yrs, whats another 3 minutes waiting for windows to boot? Furthermore, there isn't a noticable performance difference w/ Solitaire compared to a HDD vs a SSD. Grammy wont notice a difference.

Second about the speed. You wont notice any diff watching a movie. Editing maybe...


Just because I found this under my tabs, i wanted to see what this goes for now, 3 years later. 120G is $70 including shipping and the 240G is $91. Oh how time and technology advances.