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Looks like I am stopping at staples on the way home from work next week. Thanks!


If you know any pen fanatics, they are also having a buy one get one free on certain pens.


Must not tell the bookkeeper/supply lady about this... She will troop every employee down to claim their two. :p


See, I like this - no need to put all my info out there for a sample. Just go into the store and pick it up.


At this price, I might not have to steal paper from work!


Unable to find coupon in weekly ad & by clicking link. Is this only for certain areas or is it only in store advertised?


Michael: Yes, Jan, really. With a rep from HammerMill.
Josh: They're exclusive with Staples.
Michael: Used to be. Evan will call you in the morning to work out the details. We can now sell HammerMill products.
Dwight: Yes! Ha!
Jan: Well, Michael, I underestimated you.
Michael: Yeah, well, maybe next time you will estimate me.


Thanks for posting this...not only a great deal, but I learned something. Staples lets you look through their ad, then create a shopping list you can email yourself. Click the item and there's an option to "Add to in store list". Very nice.


@sparkledee: Try another browser. Also, it's a pop-up, so if you are blocking it might not work.


If you don't want to deal with the limits, you can also get a [10 ream] case for $22 after rebate.