dealsvibe stereo in-ear soft touch headphones for $5.99


I can't believe it! The SAME vendor has the SAME item on his EBay listing FOR LESS!!! As a matter of fact about $2 less.

The numbers? $7.99 (the price from EBay... with free shipping, I might add) versus $9.98 ($5.99 for the item & $3.99 for shipping each item)


What does this guy take woot for? What does he take us loosers who hang around here for? Does he think everyone here has no time to check-up on prices? No intelligence to check-up on prices? (Rich enough that we don't have to check-up on prices?) I don't think so. Is Amazon really charging THAT MUCH MORE to list deals here on woot that he charges more here than on EBay? BOOOO!!!


In-Ear? I'd hate to see the poor soul who has ears that big.