dealstramontina 6.5-quart enamel cast iron dutch oven…


@faughtey, I just love you sometimes. :-D

How did you know I wanted one of these? Even though it's at the evil Walmart, I may still break down and go get it. Enamel on cast iron is the best thing ever.


I have one. Great and beautiful pot, but it is HEAVY.


Thanks for posting this. I've been waiting for a good deal on one. I've had other Tramontina pots and pans and they've always been very high quality, so I expect this one to be the same, even though the price is almost unbelievable.


This pot beat out the same size Le Creuset, and every other pot, in the recent America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Illustrated testing. I bought one for about $50 and it is the best dutch-oven that I've ever owned. If you've ever wanted one of these, buy this one now. I just bought two more as Christmas gifts. Awesome deal. Thanks for posting it.