dealsjos. a. bank clothiers - buy any suit, get $1,000…


The commercial I watched said if you buy any suit OR leather jacket (excluding works collection or clearance items) you'd get 1,000 bucks to buy other merchandise.

I'm guessing the jackets are equally expensive?


They make great stuff, but yeah. 1000 won't go very far unless the stuff is on sale too. Better off to hit up their Buy 1 get 2 or 70% off or something like that. The signature line strikes a nice balance of quality vs cost. Few hundred a suit on average in the better sales, but so much nicer than other things I've seen in that range.


@danman1202 Can't tell from their online store. Not only are all of their suits and leather jackets marked down online to <$300, but the original prices are also below that. Of course, it could just be that the online stock is different from their store stock...


@danman1202: I think you're right about the leather jackets. Suits were $695 & $895 (the Gold Signature suits were $1,295, but got you a $1,500 credit). Leather jackets were $450 or $495, IIRC.

To put things in perspective: Camel hair overcoats were $495. Shirts were $125 or so. Ties about $65. Saw some nice dress pants for $225, but that's a lot for pants.

They run a lot of sales. Buy 1 suit, get 2 shirts, two ties and two pants seems to run fairly frequently. This was nice because you get to pick what you want. But dollars don't go far when you pay full retail.

Their outlet has good deals as well. I got 4 pairs of pants for $100, out the door, not too long ago.

I need a new suit, so this caught my eye. Thought I'd share.