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From Dusk Till Dawn 4 Film Collection [Blu-ray]


@hehthuryo: You could I liked the first one after that it was just horrible.


@enigmaco: Agreed. I haven't seen all the sequels (I didn't even finish watching the first), and I don't plan to. The original movie was both creepy and fun.


Yeah, the only thing close to worthwhile in any of the sequels was the existence of Bruce "Groovy" Campbell. But that still isn't worth sitting through any of them in full.


Word of warning: This is one of the many Miramax titles where the Weinsteins carelessly sold Blu-Ray rights to Echo Bridge Entertainment, whose product is consistently lousy. This Blu-ray, for instance, features the 2.35:1 film cropped to 16:9, and a 2.0 stereo soundtrack (the DVD is 5.1).


Worth it just to see Selma.