deals100 must-have russian masterpieces for $0.99


The music is good but if you buy it they put it automatically on Amazon cloud player and if you go over 5 GB there are fees involved on the service. 100 songs won't exceed 5 GB but if you buy a lot of deals at Amazon it won't take long.


I think your confusing cloud player with cloud drive. MP3's purchased from Amazon don't count anyway, only music from your private collection that you upload count against the free 250 song limit.


Awww, it's one of those. Just random isolated movements from various pieces. Not entire complete compositions. Makes as much sense to me as a collection of random isolated chapters from various books. Personally, I would hate this, but YMMV.


@racinmd: The TOS that I skimmed did mention that anything over 5 GB would require a fee and it didn't mention exceptions for purchases from Amazon it was just the raw data amount mentioned, I am even more confused because I found the info you mentioned about 250 songs and everything from Amazon being free storage.