dealsthe big bang theory - complete season 1-5 blu-ray…


Great show and a great price. $54 and change for all 5 seasons on blu ray. What a steal.


$97.11 and up elsewhere on Amazon. Huge deal!


For shipping to USA this may price out less if billed in Pounds Sterling rather than US$, depending on any credit card transaction and currency exchange fees. Shipping is not free, but P&P is less than the VAT would be for UK or EU delivery. I estimate it will be a bit more than $52 for delivery to US address in about a week.


Just ordered. Total with standard shipping to the us was less than $54


This is neither a deal nor a steal. For it to be a steal I would have to literally take this without paying for it. Clearly your logic is absent. As for it being a deal, why would I pay for something I can watch for free? Clearly, this is not a deal either.

- Sheldon C.


@bigshtank: Your argument is semantically null.


I would buy this but it's on SO much now I really don't even need to buy it. I've seen every episode at least twice and many I've seen 4+ times thanks to syndication.


Got in this awesome deal!
paid 54.03 with shipping to the US!
thanks to the OP!


This is an awesome deal. I already own it, as this show is absolutely hilarious.


Nothing like a complete series set before the series is over. Sort of like all those "complete" Harry Potter sets every time a new one came out.


Wonderful show and WHAT A DEAL! I've purchased each season from Amazon for between $24.95 and $29.95 per season!!


A pretty good starter set if you want to collect the whole show. I wasn't a fan of the first season, but I saw some later episodes that I enjoyed so I went back and watched the rest. I actually saw a test audience showing of the pilot years ago and didn't like it... If you feel the same about the first episode, watch an episode from later in the series and see if the show can redeem itself to you.

Also, the full version of the theme song is pretty cool.


Ordered one :-) Gotta be one of the cheapest deals on a tv show blu ray set ever!