dealsjust born jelly beans original fruit flavor 4 1/2…


1 lb. is $3.95. This makes is cheaper to purchase in smaller quantities...or am I missing something?

EDIT: Holy Crap! $10.95 shipping is cheapest for ONE POUND! I guess that is what I was missing.


@morriea: The 4 1/2 lbs came up free shipping for me. Adding a 1 lb makes it $10.95 shipping for both. So, guess you can only order the bigger bag for the shipping to be free. That, or spend $100, and they add free shipping.

A little math for which is a better if you need 20+ lbs, haha:

26 lbs (1 lb orders * 26) = $102.70 (free shipping) = $3.95/lb
22.5 lbs (4 1/2 lb orders * 5) = $99.75 (free shipping) = $4.43/lb
23 lbs (1 lb orders *23) = $90.85 ($56.95 shipping) = $6.43/lb

Ugh, what am I doing?!? I'm going back to bed. :oP


@marrob: I figured it out. (see my edit...). Shipping is horrendously overpriced if you order a pound, making the larger one a "deal". The funny thing is the $10.95 is the CHEAPEST choice. You can actually choose to spend more for a bit of candy.


Just last Saturday I bought a 12 ounce bag of Just Born jelly beans for $1.79 at the groccery store.

Jelly Bellys were the most expensive and 'generic' jelly beans were 99 cents a bag and I got a bag of those because I like the all spice ones.

I think for Easter baskets this year those bargain Staples' M&Ms are going to replace jelly beans : )

This place advertises candy "on sale" almost every day but it's always at least twice the price it is in the bulk candy section of the grocery store.

What I wish is that you could buy a whole bag or pound of jelly beans in any color/flavor you want. I end up throwing out all the colors/flavors I don't like.