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I haven't used this product lately, but their free version once upon a time got rid of a really nasty trojan that no other program I threw at it could. I'm still indebted...


@tsfisch: I have the Malwarebytes freebie program too but just updated last week to Advanced Systemcare 4 by iObit. Free download on CNET. It's really great.


@dreamyvelvet: SystemCare is not very caring IMO. I fix more computers that it kills than most software. MBAM is great though. Best tool on the net for quick cleanup of almost anything. However, I would caution people against this deal, as MBAM has no mention of it and they charge more for a 1 year license than this. Something is fishy here.


@jditto: There's nothing fishy about BitsDuJour, also if you read the comments you can see that someone from the Malwarebytes e-commerce team has commented on the deal. It's 100% legit as are all BitsDuJour deals.


@nicowest: Well, no one nefarious has ever been able to counterfeit a comment online. Ever, in the history of the internet. The hackers just try and try. So that statement alone proves it must be authentic. Can I just give you my credit card number, and you can order it for me? I want 3.


@nicowest: Yeah, going with @pickypickypicky on this and I'm not sure where you are seeing this comment. I see 2 comments before you and neither are currently using the software so how they are working for MBAM I don't see where you make that connection. If you're suggesting reading comments on the site which we already find to be questionable, well, why would I load up a site I don't trust to see what that site says about it's own deal? That is how you get malware on your PC afterall, loading up sites you don't know or trust. So, yeah, my warning remains. Trust this deal at your own risk.


@jditto: If you read the comments on you can see one from Rebecca Kline who works for MalwareBytes! This deal is totally legit.


Also here's BitsDuJour's web of trust ranking: - Totally Green.


@jditto & @pickypickypicky

It's pretty darn easy to verify the legitimacy of this offer. Simply click on the big green BitsDuJour 'Buy Now' button. You'll be immediately redirected to the official Malwarebytes' webstore. This is where the sale occurs and where all payment details are entered. Again, at the Malwarebytes' webstore, not ours. At BDJ our job is to broker the discount and drive traffic. We are not a reseller -- if you buy software via our site you are purchasing directly from the vendor. We just negotiate the hot deals and present them to all of you.

Note that Woot most certainly trusts us. In the past we've run sponsored deals with them on this very site.

Roger Thomasson


P.S. to all:

The price is actually $14.95, not $14.99. Almost another whole nickel in your pocket!


This got extended until tonight by the way! Great deal for sure.