dealssamsung galaxy s iii 4g android phone w/ sprint…


FYI: It's $99 if you are upgrading.


My 2-year contract at Sprint is nearly over, and they want to charge me $200 for the same phone (with a 2-year contract). What the hell?


@kirika: They don't care where you get the phone, as you're getting your service from them anyway. They just give Amazon the spiff after you sign back up.


@hopec12: So this price is only if you're joining Sprint for the first time?


SPRINT SUCKS A&& ....... atleast where im at their customer service is complete garbage and their service is garbage ..... ill be moving back to verizon or straight talk in june ....


What does "upgrading" mean in a sprint contract. We are about to finish our 1st of 2yrs. Are we eligible for the "$99.00" upgrade cost to improve our phones and get better technology to work with?


@qkenuf4u: I only know 1 person with Straight Talk so far. Asked 'em how customer service was and she said she didn't know- she'd never needed them. That's how it should be, I'd like to think.


I am not sure if you can use this with SERO. Last time I tried to upgrade I had to go through a different customer support for SERO customers specifically. If you go through their regular service they will try to get you to move off of the SERO account and into a regular account.

When I went to it said I needed a different plan to use a Galaxy SIII to get it.


@agent019: Generally you can only go through a direct dealer to continue on SERO.