dealshdmi cable (15 feet): electronics for $0.68 + $2…


@kamikazeken: i clicked on your link and it took me to a slightly different page i think. betterstufflowerprices has it for 3.65 with free shipping (penny lower than your total) but off to the side is listed cmpl and sfplanet at your .68 w 2.98 shipping. any personal prefernce who would be the better vendor?(they all are 94-96pos feed back) and now someone else has joined the penny fight too.


sorry bout that, don't know why it did that when I clicked "woot this deal" button...

correct link

edit: dammit, that takes me to the $3.65 one too. I have to copy & paste to get the link to take me to the right item/vendor.


There are Prime offers for around $4-$5 in the "New" section as well. Good find! Everyone needs more HDMI.


lolz. Yet another so-called "deal" where the title doesn't include shipping, which raises the cost to 5X what's posted. This is why woot will never be my first-viewed deals site.

Typical woot "deals:

60" 3D HDTV for just $1. Shipping = $2200

2011 Ferrari 599 for just one penny! Handling fee of $310,583

Some would argue that "it costs the same, regardless." Why not just put the total cost in the title then?


For anyone looking at this thinking "but it's so cheap, is it any good?":



just a heads up to everyone, the 2.98 shipping is per cable. Sure it's a good deal for a cable of that length, but if you think you're gonna walk out with 7 cables for under $10 shipped, it's not gonna happen.

It's still better than getting violated by Best Buy and paying $20 for a 3 ft cable.


@spyder69696969: Bud, your problem lies with the deals.woot site. There is no place in the title to add a price for shipping! The user provided the shipping charges in the description, better than most do!


@falcondeal: The title now reflects the true price. Many, many, many other titles also state shipping charges, free or otherwise.

All I was saying is that the system is flawed. Imo, ALL deal titles should be posted with the total price. This may still be a good deal for some, even with the shipping. At 68 cents per, I would have bought hundreds. At 6X more, it's not a good deal for me...particularly when 6' or 10' HDMI cables come up regularly for $1 each WITH SHIPPING.


$3.66 delivered for a 15 foot cable is a good price.
I mentioned shipping charge on line one of the description.
If there was a place to enter shipping charge next to the item price or next to the "free shipping?" check box, I would have entered it.


Aww, you woot mods never let us have any trolling fun!