dealsborderlands for $7.49 + free shipping


Thanks! I've been looking for Borderlands on Steam, and getting GOTY content cheap is a bonus


Great deal! Gotta love Steam! I'm getting to the point where the game download has to be Steam compatible for me to buy it. Haha.


hehehe... free shipping on a digital game. Regardless, an excellent purchase if you've never played the game!


@ninjafluff: I always love selecting free shipping on digital items. It brings a smile to my face.


If you like zombies, and have this game, get the Island of Dr. Ned.... freaking awesome, and difficult (compared to the other maps).

My $.02


I thought the island of dr.ned was the worst in the dlc. The story was funny but the quests and enemies were lackluster and easy. I mean they give you a quest to collect 1000 brains after you already did quests for 10 and 100.I'm not saying this game is bad but if you like zombies there are clearly better places to spend your money.


Be aware that unless they've changed it recently a couple of the included DLC have Securom limited activations in addition to Steamworks. If you don't want a ticket to that rodeo they've also got regular vanilla Borderlands on sale for $4.99:

Either way, it's a heck of a bargain on a fantastic game.