dealsseagate desktop 4tb sata 3.5" internal hard…


Save yourself some frustration and pass on this deal. I have previously purchased these drives and have had nothing but frustration and poor service from Seagate. Out of four drives purchased, one was DOA and two others failed within six months. The RMA process took nearly 45 days because Seagate was "out of stock" which makes me think Seagate is dealing with mass returns on this drive. Additionally, the replacement drives only come with a 90 day warranty, shaving nearly 18 months off of the 2yr warranty. Never again Seagate, never again.


I echo Weanus's comments. Seagate has had TERRIBLE quality issues the past 2-3 years. We use an equal mix of Seagate and Western Digital drives at work that I manage and our defect rates are 10:1 of Seagate to Western Digital. Approximately 3 months ago, we enacted a policy to stop purchasing Seagate drives and instead use Hitachi.


I will never purchase from NewEgg again. I had a VERY bad experience with them not wanting to RMA a hard drive I'd purchased that went bad less than a week after I received it. The treatment I had by NewEgg has soured me on ever purchasing from them again. I do NOT recommend purchasing from NewEgg.


@jmaldrich: I've ordered a MOBO from them, received the wrong one, and they made me pay return shipping for their mistake.