dealskings quest collection 7 game pack for $5.79


So many fond memories of these games. Nice price too.


Be sure the get the fan-updated installer if you have Windows Vista/7/8.


Can I play these on my Tandy 1000?


Do they come on 12 floppy discs?


About 8 years ago, I tried playing Space Quest IV on a modern computer, and it couldn't handle it, when you pressed the arrow key to move, you shot across the screen at lightning speed. The problem was that you had to put the character in a very specific spot to use an item you'd collected to advance the puzzle and advance the game without dying.

Have these games been rebuilt to actually be playable on a modern computer? If so, $6 is worth it for the nostalgia. If not, then I'll be more annoyed at them than I was when I originally played them.


If you have Prime or spend $25, then this appears cheaper:

Also, it looks like maybe this one doesn't have to come from the UK.


@kainis: The fan-updated installers I previously linked to include patches and tweaks so that the games run correctly.

You can also buy the games patched and ready for download and play on newer computers on GOG, although there you'll pay around $21 for all 8 games:


@kainis: There is a program called CPU Killer that works, but may cause other weirdness on your computer. You can use DOSbox to run a lot of old games, too, and that allows you to simulate slower CPUs to run old games/software.

I think DOSbox even has on-the-fly switching, so you can turbo through boring stuff, but stop for things that require more intricate control.


@fgarriel: You are correct. The Kings Quest VII was "The Princeless Bride."


i wanted so much to like these games but i was TERRIBLE AT THEM.
nobody told me that it was ok to die that much while playing them, i thought it was a personal problem.


@kainis: I have both the Space Quest and the King's Quest collection. These collections run through dosbox, which accounts for the fact that computers run substantially faster than when the games were originally made. Playing Space Quest IV on it's own, it's impossible on a modern computer. Running through the dosbox program that comes with these collections, it works perfectly. If I didn't already have this collection, I'd definitely pick it up.


You might also want to try running the games with ScummVM. It consumed FreeSCI a few years back and thus gained the power to run most Sierra adventure games.


Alexander feels a strange pulling sensation. :-ó


I hope they all come with their books to translate the magic symbols, at least for KQ5. That was the pinnacle of copy protection back then, and made me stuck so many times, since the internet wasn't around back then, lol.


@myspaceisacult: It doesn't come with the original manuals, but it does have a pdf manual that contains all the necessary copy protection info for the games.


I remember paying $50 for KQ VII back when it first came out. That set of disks are long gone now. I was so geeked over the game... KQ VII and Torin's Passage were my faves as a preteen/young teenager. This is gonna be so fun, I can't wait for this to arrive!


@lorceie: Do you still have your copy of Torin's Passage? Because you can buy and download it from here: