deals4.99 lb - blue diamond almonds - assorted flavors…


Yay! Dark chocolate! I'm in (still have plenty of all the other flavors).


Bah! It is limit one (of each flavor, at least online and you need to spend $25 for free shipping).

I guess I'll stop by the Walgreens store on the way to work tomorrow... hopefully they have them in stock.


@baqui63: I know, limit 1 sucks. But plenty of other things to buy on Last time I got socks to fill my order to $25, time before that I picked up some first aid supplies to replenish my kit.

Love the chocolate ones! - coming from someone who will hunt through a Hershey bar for the almonds. haha.


I read the deal title as 4.99 lbs of almonds for $4.99. Sadly, it's only one pound for $4.99.


@geognerd: $1 /lb for almonds, that would be some deal. I would take a few hundred :)