dealscollapsible pet travel bowls- 2 pack for $0.00…


Nice! Thanks for the deal link. Been meaning to get something like this, and can't beat this price.


Good deal. I'm going to be purchasing this right now.


Seems solid to me! I got dogs just so I can hike with them. These are a must! :D


The dollar store in my town had these for a buck. There is only one problem with these bowls, water seeps through the material, if left there for a while. REI has better ones but they are also cost more.


Thank you for NOT claiming it is free.


Just in case, I keep these in the trunk of my car along with a couple of bottle of water, kibble, a roll of baggies, training treats, and a spare leash. You never know where the road may lead and you may end up out for a while.