dealsfree go usa t-shirt at jcpenney stores w/any…


Can I buy, like, a chocolate bar and get this? I don't really need to buy any clothes right now, but free shirts...


I might need a new.. something...


And made in China?? Honduras? Cambodia? Or perhaps the sweat shop of our very own choice!!!


@dnlkolender: China? Puh-lease. If these are being given away, they clearly were not made in China because if China was producing something cheap enough for JCP to give away, we certainly wouldn't be paying them such reasonably high fees to produce the finest in Olympic athlete apparel.

Edit: Inconceivable!


If you click on the link it states: One free tee with any jcp purchase in women's, men's and kids' sizes. Unless chocolate bars come in men's, women's and kids' sizes, I'd say no free tee for buying anything other than apparel.


@thebopster: There's actually a period in there. "One free tee with any jcp purchase. In women's, men's, and kid's sizes." They are saying that the shirt comes in women's, men's, and kid's sizes. It just says "any jcp purchase." Doesn't specify a minimum amount, as far as I can see....


Have u all never had a free something? Just be happy about it and buy something! jeez!!


I want proof it is made in the US!


Because nothing says I support and have pride in my country more than wearing a disproportionately shaped, nine-striped flag featuring a light blue "GO USA" box in the corner.

Nine stripes? Which four colonies didn't make the cut?


Well would you look at that, the "flag" just happens to be a suspiciously close match to the JCPenney logo.


I was surprised, but the T-shirt I got free today really is made in the USA (of imported fabric). It says so right on the tag, good job JC Penney.


@edwardkong: were you able to buy something cheap like candy or lip gloss and get the shirt? or did it require something else?


@jesterfx: No proof for you,
No shirt for you,
Now, no problem for you .
Don't you love happy endings !


@joshthegeek: "Well would you look at that, the "flag" just happens to be a suspiciously close match to the JCPenney logo"
Josh,Josh,Josh it's not an American flag,it's a red,white and blue symbol. Who cares about the "missing" stripes or the "missing" stars. Hello, it's a promo shirt GIVEN FREE by JCP so nothing "suspicious" about the non"flag" being a close match to the JCPenny logo. The store is giving away a tee shirt,if it's not your style don't get one.


@thepenrod: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


the JC Penney near me is giving out Puetro Rican flag shirts instead, FML!!


JCPenny, Penny, Penny, Penny,...


@joshthegeek: Maybe something happened during the night and New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Vermont were given the boot. My inner Louie Armstrong is singing, "And I think to myself what a wonderful world."...