dealsjoe boxer women's footed pajamas - bunny hood for…


She'll look like a deranged Easter Bunny. Like a pink nightmare!

I have to ask for this for Christmas!


There is a zebra and leopard version with a tail! This is too good. My wife will hate this....but she'll wear it if her son gives it to her. ha!!


My Mom always bought me footed pj's when I was a kid becauase I was always cold, but I was really tall with big feet, so I would always bust out the feet in these things! Nothing like a onesie for grown ups!


OMG thanks for posting this. And I had heard that Sears was in trouble; how could any corporation pushing women's footed PJs with a bunny hood have any problems whatsoever? I wonder if it's legal to wear these if you're over 60.


Footed PJ's for the whole family and tools for me.


So when I went to the site, the price starting scrolling into the billions...Anyone else have that happen?