dealsc-red leather front pocket wallet with striped…


I don't know why it has tie material in it, but I like it.


Just got 1. Looks pretty simple and neat; elastic sounds cool especially to keep my usually fat wallet a little slimmer.


BTW, the coupon code works for all items and free shipping as well, not just the wallet, in case anyone missed it (like me).


All items on the site are 50% off + FREE shipping. Using the same Coupon Code: CREDWOOT


@viper89: Only having four card slots is going to force me to keep my wallet slimmer.

I really don't need to carry around all the crap that's in my wallet.


I actually bought this wallet at about the same price at a Burlington Coat Factory a little while back. I'm pretty happy with it. It holds a lot of stuff for a small wallet, and the elastic is nice.


I bought one of these a while ago from this website (i think it was another woot deal). Very happy with it.


I was needing a new wallet. In for one!


I almost impulse bought. May regret it. I love my slim clip; but man I miss a leather wallet.


Bought one last night. I've been on the lookout for a good, cheap, front pocket wallet. Hope it's good.