dealsdr. horrible's sing-along blog (dvd) for $7.96


This is a movie that is a master regarding subtlety and the likes. I still haven't figured out what Captain Hammer meant when he said that his fists weren't the hammer.


@captainsuperdawg: You should buy this, then, as your current DVD apparently skips past a terrific moment. :(

Sold my well-used DVD (so I could buy the BD) to a friend for $3, though he wanted to pay only $2.99. I insisted on the additional penny for handling fees, he later said it was worth it!


Not only is the show itself great, but the extra features make the DVD worth while. They have the 10 best submissions to join the Evil League of Evil. It is another 40 minutes or so of awesomeness. Also it features Commentary: The Musical, the commentary is in musical form by Joss Whedon. Even with the main feature available free elsewhere, there is good reason to consider the DVD.


Totally with it. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do! I've been on the lookout for a deal on this. Holding out was worth it!


Bluray version is onsale at Walmart $10


I have this in 3 formats (2 different digital and the I've purchased 3 other DVDs to give to friends). That's how much I LOVE Dr. Horrible! In fact, I've watched this more than anything ever (just two days ago I watched it after a terrible week and it was the thing that finally cheered me up).

It's silly, it's fun, and yet it's still masterful Joss Whedon. He has a great team who got together and worked on this during the writer's strike. They did it because they wanted to! The "bit" actors are the crew and writers. I love the songs and the "main" cast is great.

So, buy this and put more money in the pocket of the cast and crew who got together to give us something fun (it's the only way they're getting paid) and didn't go by the rules. Yes, you can get it "free" on Netflix or watch it on youtube, but the extras really are worth it (it's one of those shows that if you like it, you'll want anything else you can get).
Soon, you'll be wanting to join the Evil League of Evil!


I watch this movie 15 times in the first week I found it. Then I went on to buy the dvd, an online copy, the music, the 2 books, and the sheet music. This movie always makes me smile when I am having a bad day.


@jrs1980: I sincerely hope you realize that I was joking. I was merely poking fun at the "straight-uppednes" of that scene.


@captainsuperdawg: Oh darn, and here I thought I'd suckered you into buying another copy! Ah well. Actually, though, you reminded me of a review for Dr. Horrible:

I found Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog quite rewarding, which is to say, if you buy it, I will be rewarded with a small sum of money.

The film itself I didn't really get. Apparently young people today think it's okay to make fun of supervillains. In my day we treated them with respect and fear, especially when they were singing. I did like the jokes, except when one man mentioned his secret love appendage to another, which I find crass. But the tunes are very hummable, and many of them ran through my head as I fell asleep before the ending, which I'll bet was a humdinger. In fact, the whole movie humdinged. I give it forty eight billion stars.

That is my review. I think you should buy the DVD every day forever, and I am totally unbiased. --Joss Whedon

Cut down for space and mentions of bees:


I love Dr. Horrible! Best movie ever.

Joss Whedon is my master!


It doesn't matter that it's about to be on TV or that it's available on Netflix streaming: You MUST have this DVD!!!

The special features on it blow away the special features of any other DVD ever made. The cast commentary takes the form of an entirely new full feature-length musical. Some of the best fan applications to the Evil League of Evil are included. And then there's the amazing easter egg hunt - far more challenging and interesting that the easter eggs on any other DVD.

You can spend hours having fun with this DVD without even watching the actual movie.