dealsbig (extended edition) dvd for $4.99 + freeā€¦


What's so fun about paying $5 for a dvd?


If you happen to still enjoy owning DVDs, this is a pretty good price for a great movie.


I tried to buy, but you only get free shipping if you join a super saver club


@tkpi: It's not a club. You get free shipping if you spend $25 or more on eligible items, with shipping included if you are a prime member--you paid a one time fee for unlimited 2-day shipping. I should have been clearer. That's how most Amazon transactions work, for future reference.


Great movie by the cousin of Abe Lincoln.


@curli76: It is against Deals rules to put "free ship" in header when there are strings attached. Ok to do so in the body.
You could of left out the free ship in header and instead put " Free ship w/ order of $25 or more , or w/ Prime. " in the body of your deal.
That will cover it.

Good movie !


Blu-ray tag is misleading as it's regular DVD.


@joshuajslone: Thanks for noticing. I didn't tag it; the wootbots did. Bad wootbots.
@ceagee: Duly noted.
Please let me know where to go for my 40 lashings.