dealsdiamond accent hoop earrings in sterling silver…


These look great with the infinity style necklace. I have purchased from Shadora and have been pleased. The gift box is very nice and makes a less expensive piece of jewelry look like it costs as much as it would have from a storefront retailer.


I have these earrings and wear them a lot. You should note as with many items from Shadora, the diamond accent is a little diamond in the center of the earring. The rest of the infinity loop is raised and cut to look like diamonds. I have no issue with this, but someone expecting diamonds all the way around two earrings for $12.99 might be a little disappointed. These earrings actually look better than some of my white gold hoops, and I really like the spring clasp.

Just a couple words about Shadora... every piece of jewelry I have purchased from them is very attractive for the price paid, and there is never a charge for shipping. They also have excellent customer service which will respond to your questions within 24 hours.