dealswomen sports tank tops for $2.00


Nothing against the "deal" itself, but when did some yahoo decide to switch names on these "SLEEVELESS" T-Shirts, and start calling them 'tanks"?

Even on this deal, in the description, it says sleeveless T's.

VERY misleading when someone is searching for TANKS and these come up.


@wolfsmane: I know! how am I ever supposed to find a good deal on a gently used Panzer or Abrams, if my search results are filled with sleeveless shirts!?!?


@wolfsmane: Iunno, probably sometime around 1985 when this style was big?


@wolfsmane: Wow! At least 30% of the time, if not more, when I am searching for something online I get lots of results that are not actually what I'm looking for, but it's pretty easy to just click right on past the ones that don't interest me.

Kind of odd that an online search for tanks would even bring up this woot ad and not lots and lots of clothing store ads first anyway.


@ejsolomo: Although, those are the best looking guns I've seen on an Tank


Bought four more and I can have my own platoon.