dealspatriot axle 32gb usb 2.0 flash drive (red) model…


@j0hnlind: Or just dump it all in the gas tank.


@gusvonpooch: I got one (grey) from NewEgg/Patriot late July and already have my rebate card. Personally, I think the Patriot is one of the easier rebate things since you type it in and print it out.

Here is what I do to use those pesky rebate cards. I eat at Subway now and then, so when I get one of those rebate credit cards, I take it down to Subway and have them put the entire amount on a gift card. No expiration date on Subway funds, unlike the rebate card (which starts with $2 a month penalties after 6 months). Of course you can do this with any establishment that you frequent. Another idea is to donate the funds for a friend's Cancer walk or something of the sort.


Good deal but you have to really jump through hoops to get the rebate,it takes a very long time and it's a debit card.


Darn. Beat me to the punch. Damn you guys must wake up early. lol

Nice deal.