dealsback to the future trilogy blu-ray region freeā€¦


@bmulcahy: I just checked my Costco AMEX statement because I bought two blu-ray sets via amazon UK.

$12.49 USD for Despicable Me. FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE of 33 cents.
$34.22 USD for Harry Potter Complete 8 Disc set. FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE of 92 cents.


@jfulcer: Can you provide a link? I'm not seeing it.


A few may have pre-ordered this DeLorean Edition AND the collector's tin, because they did'nt know that the DeLorean Edition includes the tin box - that's the reason why you have to pay more for the DeLorean Edition in UK than in France or Germany, where the digipak is included only.


10 cents more and you can get it from North Carolina on Amazon and shipped a lot quicker with no international worries. Seller is MovieMars.


Be careful which credit card you use when purchasing. I bought this with my Citi card and got slammed with an $8 international use fee.

Other than that, it's great! :)