dealsback to the future trilogy blu-ray region freeā€¦


Be careful which credit card you use when purchasing. I bought this with my Citi card and got slammed with an $8 international use fee.

Other than that, it's great! :)


10 cents more and you can get it from North Carolina on Amazon and shipped a lot quicker with no international worries. Seller is MovieMars.


A few may have pre-ordered this DeLorean Edition AND the collector's tin, because they did'nt know that the DeLorean Edition includes the tin box - that's the reason why you have to pay more for the DeLorean Edition in UK than in France or Germany, where the digipak is included only.


@jfulcer: Can you provide a link? I'm not seeing it.


@bmulcahy: I just checked my Costco AMEX statement because I bought two blu-ray sets via amazon UK.

$12.49 USD for Despicable Me. FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE of 33 cents.
$34.22 USD for Harry Potter Complete 8 Disc set. FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE of 92 cents.