deals100 twinkies for $69.95


Har har. They'll be around once whoever buys the rights gets them made again.

But will they be the same?


@chronosquall14: The factories will have been shut down - none of the same employees around. Whoever buys the rights will probably use their existing facilities and make the product cheaper, banking on the name alone.


@omnichad: How will they ever be able to maintain the high quality of the current product?!?


This price seems crazy high to me. My local FoodMaxx has them at 10 for under $5.


Is this 100 Twinkies or 100 boxes?


this guy i work with could put their cream filling machine to shame


YOU GUYS! Buy these for collector's value!


Ah, if only I had a 1000 liter dewar flask of liquid nitrogen to preserve them for a few decades. I could be rich, RICH I tell you!


100 twinkies sounds like a buttload of calories


@gjbloom: they're Twinkies. They preserve themselves!


Guess I should become a dooms day prepper. It's just that my dooms day is a day where I can no longer get a satisfying snack cake when the munchies come on


If you’ve seen Zombieland starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Einsenberg, you know that Woody gets his energy to run from the zombies by snacking on his favorite food of Twinkies.

In real life, Woody’s a raw vegan and regular Twinkies won’t cut it.

Just like Kal Penn had veggie burgers waiting for him at White Castle during the Harold and Kumar film, the directors on the set had specially made vegan Twinkies ready for Woody.

“They were actually edible for a guy like me,” Woody said.

Zombieland Twinkies were made from cornmeal and other vegan ingredients. This leads Woody to believe companies really can make healthy junk food if they put their mind to it.

“There’s a possibility that (manufacturer) Hostess could do a healthy Twinkie. It’s a thought.”

While they’re at it, can we get some vegan Ho-Hos too?


@thebayboss: 1 serving (2 twinkies) is 290 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 49 grams of carbs.

For the mere price of $69.95 you will receive:

14,500 calories
450 grams of fat
2450 grams of carbs.

and one case of diabetes....


Hostess goes out of business after 2 states legalize pot. WORST... BUSINESS... PLANNING... EVER!


These probably will be worth something in a few years even if someone else buys the name.

Someone will be on Pawn Stars trying to sell a box of original Twinkies to Corey in year 2038.

Corey will pay $50 per Twinkie and Chumlee will eat them


@cranki4545: i'm not sure how to take that...


@cebooher3: "Let me call my buddy...he's an expert in Twinkies. Best I can do is $12.50"


@cebooher3: They will have to call in an expert though.... It will be a broken old Twinkie the Kid; I never understood the cowboy attire and lasso and it's correlation to a cream filled snack


After the Apocalypse, all that will be left is cockroaches chewing on Twinkies, the survival of the fittest.