dealschain love anti-gravity wine bottle stand for $14…


Cool looking wine holder, cheaper on Amazon:

$10.99, eligible for free super saver shipping

Not sure if that's the same brand, there were a few other identical ones on Amazon for a little more, but they all seem to have great reviews.


Bought this one for $30 when they just came out. I love it. Get mixed responses. Some people come over and have to touch it to figure it out. Some get it pretty much right way. Some don't even think it's cool. I'm not friends with those people anymore. :D


Either I'm drunk or this deal is over. But I also know for sure that I'm drunk. So maybe the whole either or approach wasn't such a good idea.


@gdeadfan: Scratch that, apparently you have to click Deal 5 at the top to get it. And if you click Deal 6, you will get a very confused boner.


The strapless pushup bra is more magical.


@allanwang88: no it's not. push-up bras are false advertisement