deals85% off blackwatch torch lighters: 3-pack only…


Never heard of a blackwatch lighter. Is it a knockoff name for Black Ops lighters?


it looks like it to me, the middle looks like the black ops delta which i got for $5 as part of a purchase.


Seems like the same brand, same 3 on Amazon for $44.99 w/free shipping.

Flat rate shipping on these is $4.99.


@gmwhit: its the parent company that has the amazon add


$4.99 flat rate shipping.

Definitely looks like a knock off of Black-Ops lighters. I can't speak to the quality of these at all, but at the very least it's cheaper than the same lighters sold on Amazon (through the parent company of unholy cocktail!):

Can't find them anywhere else except this same website, and no reviews either. Shrug.


I ordered some of the Black Ops ones last time this deal was around. I love them. I love them so much.


I don't have the lighters but I can speak for the company. Last time they had a deal on woot here I questioned never hearing of the company, but I ordered the hard cases. I got them fast, ended up ordering some shirts and polo's and they arrived fast as well. Been very very happy with the company. I'm thinking about buying my travel case for my golf clubs from them. Basically, yeah I'd order from them again.


Love it! Now if I could find a deal on meth pipes this would be an awesome weekend!


Look identical to Black Ops lighters. I've got the one on the left and love it for its simplicity and reliability. That said, can probably get'em as freebies with some of the cigar deals that get posted here.


I got the Porsche Design lighters from unholycocktail last time, and this company is deceitful. The items they sell are closeouts with markings on them as such. In other words, the items are defaced in some location (usually on the bottom) in a very noticeable fashion. The site advertises them as new, but it's definitely not. Also, about 10% of the lighters I got were defective and didn't light up but for a split second, even when filled with top quality butane (Vector). I'd stay away.


@guoster: Sorry you had issues with them but I haven't had any issues with them at all.

As for them being closeouts...with the huge discounts, did you think you were getting a really really good deal? Nearly everything on these deal-a-day sites are closeouts and excess inventory.


i have one. they are very good quality. BUTANE NOT INCLUDED!! but i went to ace hardware and bout butane refill for 4.50 dollars


@first2summit: Perhaps, but they should disclose the flaws. Especially since they say they're new.Getting the occasional dud is understandable, but 100% being scarred? It's just bad business to do that and advertise them as new.