dealswintec 16gb filemate swivel usb flash drive for…


Just a heads up we ordered 50 of this model a while back to hand out to customers. They were 4GB variants @ $5 each. Quite a few of them have failed after a few months and 5 were corrupt right out of the packaging. We were able to RMA the DOA ones. We had our company logo stamped on the others so once they started dying one by one it wasn't worth the shipping costs to RMA them anymore. I'm not sure if the 16GB ones will have the same problem, but you get what you pay for. I'd say close to a 30% fail rate (so far) for our 4GB models.


@eraten: Nothing builds a positive branding image like slapping your company logo on an unreliable product! Better someone gets that is DOA than one that fails after a couple months and leaves them in the lurch.


If you're concerned about failures, get a same size drive by Kingston for a couple dollars more as part of the same sale:

In my experience, Kingston is reliable when it comes to memory. Also, the post states it comes with 5 year Manufacturer Parts and Labor Warranties.