deals50% off sale playstation® store


Some good deals this week, I'm gonna pick up a few. Too bad my PSN+ expired yesterday.


30% if you're a normal PSN user.


Shame Sony still can't get their store functioning properly (still no New User or Forgotten Password functionality). Useless.


Speaking of expired PSN+ accounts, don't forget to cancel yours if you were only planning to take the free month. Same goes for Qriocity. If you don't cancel them, Sony will automatically charge you for another month when your free period expires. If you have money in your PSN wallet, they'll take it right out.


@spicyflavor: Guys like you are all over the internet..try being unique you tool.


@enigmaticone87: Ah, you meant the "cool story, bro"
I see what you mean, but sometimes a meme just gets across precisely the meaning you want to convey. Not always, but often enough for you to be open to it.
For example: that clip from Pulp Fiction got across exactly what you wanted. That you thought (think?) he's stupid. Or close enough to that.
Unless, of course, that's not what you meant to say.
In which case, say what you mean. Don't resort to cliched clips of SamJack.

(At some point it's almost idiomatic. Interesting.)


@trahentis: No, I just always think of pulp fiction when someone says "what." No deep hidden message here..


@spicyflavor: Did you have any method set up to automatically pay for money in your PSN wallet? If you did, but it still got canceled, then you're the lucky one. Not me so much.

MY PSN+ account only got canceled because the Qriocity charge dipped my wallet funds too low to pay for a month of PSN+.

Silver lining...I have another month of Qriocity! Woot! (Yeah, there's no way to make that sound convincing.)


@sparklecoogs: I didn't pick up the Qriocity so I dunno about that, But I only had 11$ in my wallet at the time, and my CC info is no longer hooked up to PSN, strictly Amazon PSN cards for me now. That sucks though, how much $ did it take out?


@enigmaticone87: No worries, I just had to make a point (but I'm not sure what it was...)

@sparklecoogs: Aw, that's not a good prize =(


Hmmmm, would this apply towards a PS3 by any chance...? :P