dealsskinomi techskin - hp touchpad screen protector…


great deal hard to put on.


I can't get my order in. They keep wanting a phone number but there is no field to put it in.


@speedoo: phone # field is right next to the zip code field.

also, I'll point out that all of the touchpad full body skin protectors are on clearance here as well & they come with a screen protector. with coupon code they come out to $12.71 shipped.

example (carbon fiber)


@wilcononomous: Thanks for the great deal, discount and for the tip on the full-body skin protector.


I just put this on my touchpad yesterday. As long as you remember to keep your fingers wet with the magic juice that comes in the kit, its pretty easy to work with. Be aware that there WILL be some bubbles left after you squeegee the film. Give it a couple days though and the bubbles migrate to the edges and disappear. Overall I'm very pleased. I do wish the protector was matte finish. Still get some pretty annoying reflections.


Ordered the carbon set for when my Touchpad finally arrives! I have a Skinomi brand protector on my phone & love it, hope this will be the same, thanks!


Put in my order. I've read good things about Skinomi on Amazon.

Does this come with one or two screens?

And how difficult are they to get on to a larger device like the Touchpad?


@zake202: One screen protector. And (from what I've read on Precentral) it's a bit of a pain to put on since it's such a large piece of sticky plastic...

It takes some effort to line everything up right and then you have to battle specs of dust that will inevitably end up sticking to the plastic as you are installing.


I purchased one of these full body kits for the Viewsonic GTablet, and I wasn't fond of the actual screen protector. It had a very cheap plastic feel to it as compared to Zagg Invisible Shield and Ghost Armor. The rest of the full body skin is excellent though, got mine in a carbon-fiber pattern. Screen protectors for large devices can definitely be difficult to apply correctly on the first try, but it's pretty easy to remove and adjust. Just be very careful about dust and other particles getting stuck to it.


Are these really neccessary for the Touchpad? The screen is gorilla glass so it should be pretty hard to scratch.


The screen is gorilla glass but rest of the body is very easily scratched. I can see value in the full body protection to protect the case from getting scratched up.