dealsdoctor who: the complete first series on dvd for…


oh, it's the "first" series, not the FIRST series.. carry on, then.


So its the first SEASON, not series. meh. pay for a month of netflix and watch them all in one weekend on a binge, :D


I liked Houghton.
But Tom Baker was my real Doctor.
Maybe a pretty tie works for some people, but nothing beats a well worn scarf.


@funkadunk8: If you know "Doctor Who," I find it unlikely you don't know what "Series" means for a British TV show.


@gidgaf: You don't happen to mean "Troughton", the second Doctor, do you?


Due to the wibbly wobbly nature of time, I highly recommend paying extra for TARDIS delivery. If you do, you should have gotten them some time between yesterday and 2005. If you don't already have them, you didn't pay for TARDIS delivery, and it's really your own fault.


@robio: If you know Doctor Who you would know the first series aired in 1963. The version up for sale at this time was made with, at least partially, the American audiance in mind and could, arguably, be referred to as a season by purists.