dealsseagate barracuda 2tb internal hard drive for…


s21 s21


It's limit 1 per customer.

I was hoping to get them for a RAID NAS.


@skippykj: Me too, need to upgrade my ReadyNas been waiting for a good deal on 4 x 2TB drives for it.


I switched to this HD after buying a WD Green 2TB that had bad sectors. I've had it for over a year and I have never had any problems. I use it for torrenting and it works great.


It's so sad; I bought two of these in May 2011 for $69 each and then with a $10 rebate, bringing it to $120 total - the price for a single drive today.

It's not a comment on this deal, but on the floods in Thailand that have jacked up prices so much. Even so, this is a good deal these days.


I'd rather grab a decent SSD for this price since I don't NEED this, than legitimize this whole "supply vs demand" price hike bs by buying this when it should be $70-$80 normally.


I swear it was this price yesterday without the coupon. I was just on there looking. I had to RMA a 250GB 7200.10 drive just yesterday. I only had it for 2 months, as it was a replacement for one that was only 2 years old.

Seagate on the whole isn't that bad. Especially how WD messed up their "advanced format" drives for anything but Windows.


No limits, no coupons, more reliable drive. $119.99.

HITACHI Deskstar 5K3000 2TB 32MB Cache SATA 3.5" Internal Hard Drive:

Got 4 of them when they were cheap ($79) and they've been running with no problems. Hard Disk Sentinel is still showing them at 100% after more than a year.


Hopefully this is the beginning of the price decline. I'm sitting on a bunch of components for a HTPC just waiting for prices to drop to around $75 for a 2TB drive.


@elveez: In the original deal, the Seagate drive is a 7200 RPM. The Hitachi you posted, of which I have a few in my server, is a about a 5400 RPM.

Those two drives are intended for very different purposes.