dealslogitech harmony one universal remote for $89.00…


For what it's worth, and if you have a Costco membership, these are sold NEW for either $89 or $99.

I've seen them for a week or two at the front entrance of my Issaquah, WA store.

Even if $99... $10 for a NEW unit is excellent insurance IMHO


@souka: I believe this also has RF that can control ps3's and xbox 360's. If you own 5 or less things you want to control and a game system isn't one of them, just buy the 600 or 650 version brand new for under $50.


This is a great deal, i doubt very highly that you'll find these at Cosco at that price. As far as working a PS3 you need an adaptor. Once Paired with the adapter , it works tremendously.


@colesloth: It will work with the 360, as that uses IR. PS3 will likely need an adapter.


meh.. the last time I ordered a refurbished remote from dailysteals it showed up filthy, clearly not "refurbished" just heavily used.

Not to mention their customer service is really poor. They sent me a dead Logitech mouse and did nothing for me when i contacted them.

After those two incidents I stopped buying from them. Fool me once, shame you you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Buyer beware.


I'll go along with those that say:
This is a fantastic remote, I have one and it works like a champ.
It will not control a PS3 out of the box, you need a dongle thing for your PS3 for that. I think it was $40 or so last I checked, so I didn't buy it.

I'll also add:
It's only $120 every day at Best Buy, and often on sale for $100 or so. If you get points and things from Best Buy, and want one brand new and today, I'd go with that or Costco.


Bought one at Costco. Last time they were on daily steals I canceled my order after three weeks of waiting.