dealsdublin beverage dispenser for $19.88


Oh, this is very pretty. The little thumbnail doesn't really do it justice. This would be nice for punch, or even a nice Sangria.


Good find. These are handy to have- we have two and use them on the holidays for sangria and other drinks.


In for one, plus a great cake stand for the same price. Thanks! Just saw the same dispenser for more $40.00 on another site!

It appears there are some really good deals on this brand at Sears. Beware, though, shipping can get really expensive! Cost me $10 for each piece to ship to rural Washington.


Looks nice! But I'd be weary of using it at functions involving kids or animals. It looks rather top heavy, particularly when filled, and that base its standing on doesn't seem the most stable. Just a heads up to watch the application of something like this.


Where was this on Xmas Eve!? I took Sangria to a party in an Ice Tea jug since I didn't have anything bigger. In for one.


Anyone know if it's lead-free?