dealsiomega 34785 3tb home media network hard drive…


The processor in this little guy probably blows my "gigabit" WD Mybook World out of the water.

I'm lucky if I can get 150kps out of that thing.

This seems like a better deal.


I don't even think my brain has 3TB of storage or memory...


@dergage: You probably have much more. On the order of 2.5 Petabytes.

But if you're like me, it's mostly filled w/ crap and then a ton of empty space. :)


The only concern I would have is putting 3TB of stuff on this and having the drive fail. I purchased the StorCenter™ ix2-200 because it has two drives that can run in RAID 1 or 0.

I went with half the storage mirrored.


Also while this is a great deal a lot of devices that accepts hdd don't support past tb. Depending on your use this isnt a bad deal.


as of now:
List Price:$299.99 You Save 14%
Price:$256.62 + $8.94 SHIPPING
Total Price: $265.56


I have had the 4TB two drive unit for a year now and it runs great! I have over 500Gig of music, I stream to my Yamaha Reciever, I have movies I can stream to my PS3. It's really a great system for the money.