dealsamazon mom signup is open again. free 3 months…


This is an awesome thing that Amazon does. Along with subscribe and save, you can get some of the best diaper prices around!


My wife and I signed up a while ago when they were offering a full year of Amazon Mom, and it has saved us a LOT of money for our newborn. Definitely take advantage of this offer before they close it off again!


I lost respect for Amazon MOM when they took away the 30% savings on diapers and wipes and made it 20%. Sams Club and BJs now become a bit cheaper. Amazon competes only when they offer "coupons" for diapers. I shouldn't be so ungrateful because I did save an assload of money. But they altered all my current Subscribe and Save subscriptions to 20% off with no notice until after I was charged. Just like any other company, trying to make as much money as they can.


Rats, got my kid a kindle for Christmas and was hopping for the prime trial.
"If you have ever received shipping benefits through Amazon Mom, Amazon Student, or have had a paid or free trial Prime membership within the past 13 months, you are not eligible for the Amazon Mom free period. And since the Amazon Mom program is limited to one membership per household, this also applies to invited guests"


I remember when they first launched this program, that if you needed diapers before your order was ready, they were sent 2nd day for free... but they changed it recently. Also, you only get 20% off now instead of 30% (although your old subscriptions will continue to get 30% off until you remove them).

The program is still awesome though despite the changes. I still can't find Pampers anywhere else for nearly as cheap as Amazon.

Sign up while you still can!


@jbam: This does NOT include any of the other Paid Prime bonuses beyond the shipping. so, NO kindle lending library, and NO free/discounted instant movies.


@cory108: Discounts of any kind are a luxury and not a given guarantee. Blaming Amazon because they didn't give you enough of a discount is asinine. Be responsible and search for the best discounts....jeez, they still gave you a 20% discount when they didn't have to give you any at all. Sounds like you have major entitlement issues to be bashing a site for not giving you enough money off...go somewhere else then, not a big deal!


Did @cory108 learn how to whine from her kids? Or are they learning it from her? A 20% discount isn't enough, wah! wah!


To prevent auto-renew after 3 months:
1. Go to Your Account
2. Click Manage Prime Membership
3. Click Do Not Upgrade
4. Click Turn-Off Auto Upgrade