dealsvalentine's day & presidents day weekend fare sale


Just stay alert when dealing with TravelZoo, they've been known to do quite a lot of baiting and switching. The whole premise of this deal is probably a bait and switch. I was yet to find one flight for anywhere near $80 while searching Denver to Chicago, from today to next Tuesday and “my dates are flexible” (as advertised on their site.) Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I consider myself pretty tech savvy, and I’m not able to find anything near an $80 round-trip ticket. This deal should be RIPed and removed.


It blows my mind how this is always a "sponsored deal" and yet always has a negative score. I guess Travelzoo does enough money to keep paying Woot to advertise it, despite everyone on the site down-ticking them.


So this is one site, that takes my information and then asks me to manually search a bunch of other sites. Wow, that's super needed. Why not just go to the sites myself, its not like they all have drastically different pricing. At least they could search the other sites for me, and return the best results. This is stupid.


@eraten: The $80 deal is for an airport that no one uses at a time that no one travels. Just because they say $80 doesn't mean that every fare you look for is going to be $80, or every trip will have an $80 option. It is the Black Friday strategy, get people to click based on a low price and have it be a very limited deal or the stripped down model that no one wants and then try and sell them on another option.


@wisenekt: Provide me with a link please. I searched every flight, remained flexible, and even searched nearby airports (as recommended by their site.) The $80 flight, according to TravelZoo, is roundtrip Denver-Chicago, I searched each site they recommended and didn't come close to that price. If you show me that $80 flight, I'll consider upvoting them next time they appear.


@eraten: Hope the link works. The site sends you to Priceline and flys you spirit airlines from Denver to O'Hare leaving on Valentine's Day (Feb 14) at 1:39PM and arrives at 5:04PM. The return flight is Feb 19 leaving Chicago at 11:10AM and arriving in Denver at 12:50PM.

The issue is that the site sucks because it doesn't search the sites, just has it so you enter the information once but you do the searching. It's pretty bad.