dealsooma telo voip home phone system for $139.99 + $5…


Are they related to Tribbles? There always seem to be more of them - are they secretly breeding them? This has shown up on every Woot Off for quite a while now and has made appearances on Woot proper. Clearly Woot has a massive storage facility filled with these somewhere.


These work. I got one last time they had 'em. It was easy to set up, and I told CenturyLink buh-bye.

The dial tone sounds kind of strange, though.


Bought an older model years ago and it works great. I don't have to pay anything, but at $3-5 a month it seems better than most anything else.


How does this compare to a MagickJack??


@antiph3d: I've never had ooma but I have had the standard version of magic jack. MJ works great, sure some will complain that you have to leave your computer on 24x7, but I do that anyways. Also MJ came out with MJ Plus which plugs directly into a router for those who dont want any software on their computer and/or dont leave it on 24x7.

MJ was great. I had no major complaints. One thing MJ does that's annoying is, it'll cut you off if you're on a conversation for more than 1 hour exactly. I dont know why, but it does. You have to wait 2-3 mins before you can call them back. Also on incoming calls it shows no names, only phone numbers on caller ID.

I'm currently running an Obi Hai 110 with google voice. I bought it when my MJ service was still active to try them side by side. I stuck with my Obi with google voice. Google Voice is still free for domestic calls for 2012 but they may decide to charge for it next year. The Obi device is very versatile and reliable.


check out OBi110 from OBihai. a little more work to configure than ooma but only costs $45 and no monthly fees/taxes like ooma. ooma couldn't port my number but i was able to with the obi and google voice.


I got one of these refurbs from Woot back in November and it has already paid for itself compared to what I was paying for my old landline.


I purchased this at Costco for $200 7 months ago to replace my Vonage service. I have Vonage for 7 years and had no complaints. Having now switched over to Ooma, my only complaint is that I was paying $25 per month to Vonage for too long. Check out their web site as the basic service is $3-5 per month for taxes and the premium service is an additional $10 per month. I don’t have a real need for the extra service, but it may be worth it to others as it does offer more options then Vonage did. Remember high speed internet is a must for good call quality with any VIOP (Vonage, Ooma).


Its my best purchase. I have had mine for about a year now and it has never given me a single issue. I was paying around 40 a month from TWC and i had their internet. The ironic thing is i now use their internet to escape my phone bill from them. That said its the best investment anyone with a home phone can ever make. Call quality is amazing on reliable internet and its ran every day for a year with no issues at all. Please enjoy laughing at your old phone bills and the promo letters from other companies in the mail that say "home phone service as low as 19.95 per month" *for the first year. enjoy ooma and their service


If you have an android device, there is a $5 app called GrooveIP that utilizes google voice's calls to US and Canada for 2012 at least, your own google number, or port your number for I think $10 or $20. If you take the google number you can forward it to multiple phones, and google voice has it's own voicemail service, with email/text alerts and transcription options, call screening, etc. Just a cool and much cheaper alternative if you want VOIP with an android device.


By far my best woot purchase. Love it so much I have bought it for my family members as well.


Is it possible to take this with you to say japan, korea, UK, etc and call home number on it? Or would those be considered international calls?


For this price, you could buy a 5 year old refurb computer and keep it logged into Gmail for Google voice, a free VOIP service that lets people call you at a phone number you select. You could also use Skype or, you know, use the computer.


Can you set this up with a new number and then after a proper testing period, if the service is acceptable, port your real home number over to it? Or can you only port during initial setup?


Here is my review from this last Woot Off:

If you don't feel like clicking the link, my Telo stopped working, and so did the replacement they sent me under warranty. Both stopped working with different symptoms. Tech support has been less than stellar, although they eventually got the job done.

Their second level tech called me back a day after they said they would and are now sending me a new THIRD Telo. I can see that others have had better luck with theirs. Based on my experience, I would at least recommend getting the extended warranty through their website. 1 year for $40, 2 years for $80.


@wootluvr .... yeah you can that is what I did and I just ported my number not even a week ago.

That said I found that if you call Ooma Customer Services directly and ask about a a refurb unit from them it's only $159 with no shipping and comes with a full 1 year warranty... just a thought....

We have had this in our home for 2 months now and it's great... the best part was you can plug it into a phone jack in your home unplug the line coming in from outside and it sends the dial tone though the whole house.... I wanted that because I have two different phone bases one uninden and one att cordless system... no issues at all no interference works great.... would tell everyone about this... best part I got to tell Verizon seeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaa no more $58 a month bill taxes are only $4 via Ooma...


@wootluvr: You can port your number later if you'd like. When you activate the device, you need to choose a temporary number to use anyway. You can evaluate using that number and then port when you're ready (it took 3-4 weeks anyway for the port when I did it about 2 years ago, not sure if it's any faster now). I signed up for premier and at the time you had the choice of a free number port or a free Ooma Telo phone. I went with the former, and ended up buying the phone anyway. Premier is worth it if you like to block unwanted calls. Lots of other nice benefits like free calling to Canada, as well as the US. Love my Ooma!


I got this a while back I LOVE it! Hook this between your cable line and router, then you'll have NO problem with call quality. NO need to leave your computer on. The device acts as a stand alone answering machine if you like, but I have mine set to 6 rings, so my cordless phone base takes the calls. You get 2 lines, and if you buy an Ooma Telo Handset, you can actually make a call while someone else is on the phone. If you plunk down $129 for a year of Premier service, you can get a free handset or free number porting. I've had cable phone and Vonage, and this is every bit as good (BETTER than Vonage), yet costs me only $3 and change per month. I haven't signed up for premier yet, because I frankly don't use the phone that much. In the long run, it'll end up saving me money!


Bought one from Woot a year puked in a few months. OOMA customer service is horrible. I would NEVER Ooma again.


Bought an Ooma nearly 3 yrs ago now and it was our best purchase ever. Haven't paid a dime for home phone service since then. Since we were early adopters, we got in before they were charging the monthly taxes/fees so we don't even pay those. Can you say "Free Phone Service"? No problems with it either - used to be a Vonage customer, but this is so much better.


Just got mine hooked up and my phone number ported. Real easy.


I alos got one of these refurbs from Woot back in November. Mine's been awesome. It's plugged into my router not directly into my modem and it works fine. Great purchase!


Got mine the last time these came up on Woot! We love it! We went with the Premier service too, so we wouldn't have to pay the extra charge for porting over our existing number, plus we wanted most of the features that came with Premier.

The porting only took about two weeks, which is a lot less time than what we were told of the 3-4 weeks. Setup was a piece of cake too! very easy to understand quick-start guide and I like the web portal too! Plus it emails me the voice mail's in a wave file so I can listen to them at work!

So far so good! We have this and the router plugged into a battery backup for emergencies. Love the fact we were able to plug it into the main jack so we have phones working through out the house!

Good Bye, TimeWarner and crappy no-customer service and hello to saving us $35 a month!


@almax00: A few things. First, Ooma was without a monthly charge originally too. But then simple math caught up with them. If it costs you $4/mo in government taxes to provide a service and you're collecting $0/mo from your customer, eventually you will run out of money. For Obi, the equation works out to in less than a year. And, second, if keeping your phone number is important to you, then you need to keep it with a company that won't go under (look up SunRocket for an example). So, if Obi is spending money without making money, sooner or later they will go under and then you'll lose your number.


Great purchase, we love ours and the money we are saving. One of my favorite features is voicemail to e-mail. That way no matter where I am and someone calls, the message goes straight to my iPhone.

I also love that you can easily block numbers.

Those two features alone make it worth it!


@almax00: As long as google voice (GV) remains free. All we know is that GV will be free through 2012. After that who knows.
The good thing about Ooma is Ooma only has to depend on itself, OBI has to depend 99% on another company.


Very unreliable phone service for me. 30 seconds plus to start connecting a call. Delays and interupts in voice. And that stupid dial tone.


I agree that their customer service is not that great but I've been using one from Costco for two years now and I love it. Sure it has the occasional hiccup but so did my phone from the cable company but now I'm not giving them an extra $30 per month. If you have problems I would investigate the router, line quality, or internet speed. That said a friend is using theirs on 356k DSL with no issues.


I have Majic Jack which works great. I solved the "computer always on" issue by downloading their free iPhone app so I use that with my wifi, or wherever there is wifi. It doesn't use cell minutes or data.
You can download the app and, I think, get free MJ service to iPhones, iPod Touchs, iPads and maybe other smart phones.
You can use it wherever there is wifi but somehow I get incoming calls when I am on 3g which I don't answer because it uses my AT&T data.


We have had ours for a little over a year. We had Vongage before. This is much better and so easy to install and we pay a little over $3 a month. Voice quality is incredible.


Bought one the last time around for a generic house/fax line, and it's been decent so far- One word of advice- receiving faxes through it is spotty at best, but this is largely due to the nature of the VoIP protocol. Sending faxes is ok as long as it's prefixed with a *99.


Purchased OOMA through WOOT 6 months ago. I've had MagicJack, OOMA, PhonePower and ViaTalk. PhonePower and OOMA have provided acceptable call quality and reliability. I only use OOMA's basic features (not paying for advanced features) and instead use Google voice for portability and features.

Porting. I ported my land line to a Net10 mobile phone for 1 month ($20) and then ported that to Google Voice ($20). Google Voice does not port land lines. I then assign the Google Number to OOMA, providing portability moving forward. btw ooma porting is $39 unless you buy advanced.

OOMA's call quality is not as good as a land line, but it's a lot better than MagicJack and ViaTalk. I dial a lot of conference calls with work, and OOMA does a good job distinguishing the tones for the concall passcode. Other VOIP such as ViaTalk were pretty poor at this and I would have to constantly redial.


I set my new Ooma up almost exactly one week ago. We have AT&T Uverse for our internet provider and the system has been flawless. I've asked several people who I've talked to if the they can tell a difference in voice quality, in all cases their answer has been no. Also, customer service has been excellent. I called them last Saturday as I was having trouble with the wireless setup. I was only on hold for a minute or two and they easily helped me resolve the problem. Also, I noticed they double billed me for my phone # port so I sent them an email. 12 hours later it was resolved. Finally, I initiated our phone # port last Saturday (2/18) and it is scheduled to complete today (2/24) so it is a very quick process, at least for me. This is obviously a short term review but given that, I couldn't be happier with this purchase/service.


Got one - love it, get one - you will too.


Had Magic Jack for 2 years. Constant problems, static, dropped calls, fax machine would not work with it. Support at MJ may as well be non existent. Just some knucklehead with a chat window.

OOMA is Outstanding! Buy this thing. $140 plus about $3.00 a month FOREVER. Setup was a snap. Probably 5 minutes max to have it up and running.

I ported my number from Comcast after their $99 triple play expired and they raised my rate. The port took a few days but the savings are worth it.

Fax machine function requires a small tweak to the settings, which OOMA's website describes. Just a click and it works.

Overall, a great product at a great price and no $40+ monthly phone bill.


@darkzrobe: Any VOIP device should work outside the US. You will have to get a plug adapter for the Ooma device. The AC adapter is dual voltage but the plugs are different in Korea. Your friends in the US can just dial your local number and reach you in Korea. If you pay for premium service, you even get 2 US phone numbers.


@penrodius: Knowing that it will work with a DSL connection is VERY helpful!!! I have 5mbps DSL, and was curious if the bandwidth was enough


These are great. I've had the whole gamut of phone services and devices. If my ooma box dies I will get another one.

Mine has been going strong for 7 months so far, which has more than paid for itself.

I like the online dashboard for checking my messages, building caller lists, tracking my usage etc.

I don't personally need the premium level, but some of the features are nice, like voicemails converted to MP3 then emailed to the owner.

Well worth the initial cost. I also just use my home phone system with my old school phones.


Do you have to pay the reactivation fee with these units from woot? The reactivation fee for used units is $79.99.


Anyone else sick of seeing this on here. It's here like every other week. Woot must have a huge stash collecting dust in the warehouse.


Bought mine on woot a while ago and absolutely love it. I do pay extra for the premier tier for additional features (blacklisting!) and adore it. My landline quality was terrible, so Ooma is somewhat similar. Cell service is better here, but the flexibility of multiple phones is more important than sound quality. I am text-based and really only talk on the phone to two people.

It would not work with my alarm system -- which was expected -- but converting over to a compatible system there was much less expensive than I had feared and won't be disabled if someone cuts a phone line.

The ability to ignore AT&T completely? Priceless!


Here's my +1 :

If you are single, have a mobile phone only, and love that then this is not for you.

Anyone else, this is a no-brainer.

Had Vonage. had no problems with that.


When I saw that OOMA would eliminate even THAT cost, switched to OOMA.

Purchased the device shown. Had it for 2 years so far.

I do NOT have the premium service. I have the basic - free - service.

Now, I get a bill that is tax only. (less than $4.00 / month)

Voice mail, caller ID, dial tone.

Freakin works great.

Addedd a Panasonic 5 handset DECT 2.0 system to that, and it addresses all my phone needs, across serveral building on a two acre property.

Bottom line: Just buy it.


What if you have a monitored home security alarm system? How would someone ensure that the alarm box can seize the line when needed?


@jimonqa: It depends on the alarm system, my alarm company had the option to add a connection to my Ooma, but the two boxes were too far apart to make it feasible. I ended up paying to add a radio communication module to my alarm system so it is effectively a celluar connection from my alarm system to the monitoring station. Even with the cost of that, and opting for the addition of Premier service to my Ooma account, it still paid for itself in months. I actually like the fact that I don't rely on my home phone line for the alarm, it gives me independence in the long run for my phone options too.


@delevine73: Thanks for the tip on getting a refurb through them. The little extra it costs I think is worth the 1 year warranty and 60 days to return the device. This should work great for when I am traveling.


@delevine73: The one sold here even though it said only 6 months warranty shows a full year once registered on the Ooma site... go figure...


@garmac: I will keep that in mind the next time it pops up. However I was liking the 60 day return window with Ooma.