dealsget your obama-biden bumper sticker for $0.00…


Can't wait to see the crap storm this is going to provoke...


They don't have one that reads "Socialist-Gangster 2012"

They're missing out on a large support base there.


These comments indicate there are mostly Republicans here. Or maybe just the uninformed.
Too bad. \0/ !?


@amoeba111: These comments, plural? Mine is completely neutral, I made no indication one way or another about political preference. I simply stated that this has the potential to be a controversial item.


@edorth: Only if they also supply a dictionary so the ignorant teabaggers don't continue humiliating themselves by using big words that they don't understand.


Yay, another chance to get free Obama/Biden urinal stickers!

No, I'm not a right wing, bible thumping tea bagger. I'm just not a fan of Bushbama. Nor am I a fan of the bipartisan politics that are killing this nation.


@matt1976: Those in D.C. and the media have us right where they want us! And, we're being treated like mushrooms . . . kept in the dark and fed bullsh*t!


Is it vandalism if I get a free sticker, then put it on the vehicle of someone I think deserves to have the immediate effect of having his car keyed by everyone who walks by?


Booo! These are generic. I want some updated HOPE and CHANGE but with a 2012 twist.